Spoke’n’art Ride Sep 11 Tomatoes World Trade Center Souveneirs

Tomatoes will show his collection of 9-11 stuff. This show is open to everyone to drop off art by sept 10.
The ride= we leaves at 7pm or so and go to 5 galleries with a fast ride/team fast and the rest of us the slow and chill ride we come back to point of departure at about 10pm, The next best thing to disneyland, these art galleries have the coolest stuff and the highland park atmosphere will make you feel like you left the country. Really we should be paying for it it’s so good. Come enjoy the last good ride left in LA if you dispute this i’ll go on your ride I promise.. But if you dont like to meet people and have a good time you could just stick to yourself and have the same amount of fun. Party with twin tower pinata.136953067blowup

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