Monthly Archive for May, 2011

Spoke’n art Ride May 14 meet at 6pm leave at 7pm reception 10pm

This month we have 2 walls 2 artist. The bike oven has ‘Rifles and Bibles’ by Charles Aguilar, collage work. In the  Flying Pigeon we have the show called ‘Ofelia’ by Jacqueline Vitela, paintings and drawings. We do have kiddie bikes to race so be scared, very scared. I don’t think we can out do last months burning of three pinatas, will we ever out do that! Never. Tearing down fences, out of control and back to old times. This month definitely good stuff waiting at the Oven Charles will delight you with his ukele and malo lado mateo facebooked everyone  but us, that he’s playing, i mean i did ask him but so unexpected, it’s all around crazy times at the oven. oh yeah did i mention we go thru a pleathera of art galleries deep in the heart of north east la. There is a slow ride and a fast ride so you’ll fit in somewhere don’t you worry

2 rides leaving from the Oven 5/8/11 and 5/15/11Lucha Libre & Mad Hatter Ride

5/8/11 Lucha libre Ride a late cinco de Mayo ride. It goes to fiesta Broadway approx 20 miles meet at the oven 2-7pm

5/15/11 Mad Hatter Ride to the Museum of the arroyos 5 museums located along the Arroyo Seco are open free of charge meet 1:30-6pm
for more info go to
if you ran late call this number to catch up 323-381-0000

LADOT…They’re Back!

During May 3rd’s Bike Plan Implmentation Team’s meeting, officials from LADOT laid out their plan to delay implementation of many parts of the city’s new bike plan in order to perform expensive, lengthly, and unneeded environmental impact reviews.

Joe Linton reports:

the city is proposing to spend 500 thousand dollars to spend “12-18 months*” to decide whether it will implement 100-200 thousand dollars worth of bike lane projects. The main issue is whether the city has to spend huge amounts of money studying environmental impacts before proceeding with implementing approved bike lanes.

It appears that LADOT has begun to revert back to their standard operating procedure of delaying progress and hiding from public scrutiny their decision making processes and criteria.

Many of you worked long and hard to see that the city designed and passed a real bike plan with potential to actually impact the role of bicycles as transportation in Los Angeles. But we knew the fight wasn’t over. Call and write the Mayor, your city councilman, and DOT officials to let them know that you insist that Los Angeles follow through on its promises and plans.

Write the Mayor

Write your council representative

Contact the Department of Transportation

Tweet to @villaraigosa and @mobilitymaven