spoke n art 9/8 permanent collection meet at oven at 7pm

if you want more socialization meet at the pigeon at 6pm leave at 630 pm but if you run late get to the oven by 7pm. The oven’s art show is work from the permanent collection and new found art, 2 pieces that are free. ask for details and 2 pieces from Tomatoes 911 show, and bike polo show. REally what other collection values la bike culture like we do. In the long 6 year span we’ve had a lot of art shows one every month we’ve collected enough art for a permanent collection. We are always looking for artist too enrich our thought and minds so feel free to ask us how to get on that list.
This month’s spoke n art ride will go to as many galleries as possible and we’ve got them lined up already. its gonna be good.last month the elusive vegan tacos well i’ll cook some up for everyone so no worries. tacos definitely after the ride.

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