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LADOT…They’re Back!

During May 3rd’s Bike Plan Implmentation Team’s meeting, officials from LADOT laid out their plan to delay implementation of many parts of the city’s new bike plan in order to perform expensive, lengthly, and unneeded environmental impact reviews.

Joe Linton reports:

the city is proposing to spend 500 thousand dollars to spend “12-18 months*” to decide whether it will implement 100-200 thousand dollars worth of bike lane projects. The main issue is whether the city has to spend huge amounts of money studying environmental impacts before proceeding with implementing approved bike lanes.

It appears that LADOT has begun to revert back to their standard operating procedure of delaying progress and hiding from public scrutiny their decision making processes and criteria.

Many of you worked long and hard to see that the city designed and passed a real bike plan with potential to actually impact the role of bicycles as transportation in Los Angeles. But we knew the fight wasn’t over. Call and write the Mayor, your city councilman, and DOT officials to let them know that you insist that Los Angeles follow through on its promises and plans.

Write the Mayor

Write your council representative

Contact the Department of Transportation

Tweet to @villaraigosa and @mobilitymaven

Bike In Movies: The Secret Life of Annie and The Car

This clip is from “The Car” (1977) – exposing the reality behind America’s favorite means of locomotion.

Bike In Movies: The Secret life of Annie (or Sister Streetfighter) and The Car


Bike in Movie is Back at the Bike Oven This Sunday at 9pm. Ride your bike over

The BIKE IN MOVIE NIGHT IS BACK FOR THE SUMMER. AND WE’RE DOING TRASHY SUMMER DRIVE INS. First up, we’re going to be fast forwarding through The Car 1977, a demonic car movie far worse that Christine and a bicyclist worse nightmare. We’ll fast forward through the slow seventies long dialogue and get you the real guts of the movie.

Then after that we are going back to classic Kung Fu, with SISTER STREETFIGHTER, starring Sonny Chiba and an actress that looks suspiciously like one of our regular bikers, ANNIE.. You see Annie on rides giving a few martial art moves. Just erase the streetfighter thoughts that come to your head, videogames kids cartoons. this is NOTHING like that,. This movie KICKS KUNG FU ASS, and it may have inspired Bruce Lee’s KUNG FU movie career.


9pm @ Bike oven Figueroa and Pasadena

$2buck donation entrance

possible bbq but definitely some food maybe chinese more exact details as the day approaches

and cheap beer for donation

definitely $1 hotdogs

if it gets hot we’ll set up at the park across the street.

20″ Bicycle Giveaway

The Bicycle Kitchen recently had a huge bunch of children’s bikes donated to them. Since they are not in the business of handing out free kids bikes, they tapped a bunch of local bicycle collectives and advocacy groups to see if we could hook up some needy youngsters in our neighborhoods.

The Bike Oven received a stack of around 15 bikes, and we’re working out the details of a giveaway to some deserving organization, or group of kids, in our area. The bikes even came with helmets – which is awesome, because kids are not allowed to ride bikes in California without a helmet.

Councilman Reyes’ office might be able to help us out with some fun schwag, or just a little it of press. The folks at C.I.C.L.E. have a few bicycles from this shipment as well – and plans are in the works to coordinate some sort of training class for the kids that get these bikes. I want to hook these new ridazz up with some blinky lights.

If you’ve got a good idea, or a good cause, throw up a link in the comment section or shoot us an email at info at bikeoven.com.