Volunteer – Donate


The Bike Oven is fortunate to have a great number of Volunteers in the community – won’t you join us and keep the party going?  Yes, it involves putting in hours and getting your hands covered in bike grease, but we have a great energy at the shop, and plenty of fancy orange pumice hand soap that works really well!  Experienced mechanics are always needed, but we need people with all kinds of backgrounds.   All you have to have is an interest in bicycle culture and a desire to make a difference.

More goes on at the Oven than just bike repair. Get involved in our art, community activism, livable cities, and other projects.

Upon completing a brief apprenticeship, staff volunteers get:

  • A voice in the direction and programs of the Bike Oven
  • Free stand time
  • Free and discounted parts
  • Training in mechanics and organization management
  • Support from the Bike Oven for launching your own ideas


The Bike Oven operates with tools, bicycles, and parts donated by the founders, volunteers and enthusiasts. Donations of bicycles, parts, and tools are the lifeblood of pursuing the Bike Oven’s mission.


DONATIONS The Bike Oven is always in need of donations of bikes, parts, tools, and shop & office supplies. We take bikes and parts in any condition. Parts that cannot be reused or repaired are recycled for raw materials. Please don’t let that old bike rust away or end up in a landfill. Let us put it to good use promoting bicycling as a viable alternative to fossil fuel based, destructive forms of transportation. Any and all donations are accepted, but please see our Wish List for greatest needs.

Donations can be dropped off at any time during regular hours. Pick-up or off hours drop off of large donations can be arranged.

For more information, stop by any time, call, or email us at info@bikeoven.com