Joe Bray-Ali for City Council District 1



Safe StreetsAll residents have the right to feel secure in their daily lives. Joe will make sure that kids have a safe route to school and the park; local businesses have sidewalks that encourage growth; seniors can cross the street safely; and everyone can share the road. Read more!


Vertigo small shops Rebuilding our communities calls for a joint effort with stakeholders. Joe will be the bridge between community organizations, individuals, and city departments. How will Joe make his vision a reality? Read more!

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Josef “Joe” Bray-Ali was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently resides in Lincoln Heights with his wife and young daughter. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Joe worked as a field deputy for California state assemblymember Rudy Bermudez.

He has served on the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council and has worked in the real estate construction industry as a project manager. He founded a community repair co-operative, the Bike Oven, and owns a small local business, the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop.

Joe has been on the forefront advocating for safe streets for over a decade in North East Los Angeles; most recently with the ‘Figueroa For All’ campaign to bring pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to the North Figueroa corridor. Read more about Joe and his campaign for safe streets and strong neighborhoods in City Council District 1.



You can help by hosting a campaign event like a hike, tour, garden party, mixer, or a coffee (you name it!). You can also make phone calls, canvass door to door, and register new voters. We need your support to get Joe’s message out to voters.


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The primary election for Los Angeles’ City Council District 1 is on March 7, 2017. The general election is on May 16, 2017. Your vote makes a difference. Are you registered in Council District 1? Do you need to confirm your registration?