Why Am I Running?

Why Am I Running?

Safe Streets

To Joe, “Safe Streets” means that all residents have the right to feel secure in their daily lives. Joe will make sure that kids have a safe route to school, that local businesses have secure sidewalks to encourage growth, and that motorists, bikers, and pedestrians can all share the road. This is how Joe will make this vision a reality:

  • Safe Routes to School
    • Bike-to-school & Walk-to-school program support
    • Map and address unsafe intersections and corridor
  • Better Community Coordination with LAPD & LAFD
    • CERT support and outreach
    • Attend Community Police Advisory Boards
    • Direct working relationship with LAPD Senior Lead Officers
    • Encourage creation of bike and foot patrols to get officers out and visible in the community
    • Regular communication and coordination with City Attorney’s Neighborhood Prosecutors
  • Expand Transit Options
    • Coordinate sidewalk repair, curb ramp installation, bus shelter construction, with LADOT DASH bus routes
    • Support extension of Vermont subway between Koreatown and Exposition Park.
    • More frequent Metro-like service along Metrolink corridor with new Glassell Park and/or Cypress Park stations
    • Support enhanced bus service as envisioned in the Mobility Plan (more frequent service, curb-extension waiting areas, etc.)
    • Expand Metro bike share into Pico Union, Westlake, Lincoln Heights, and beyond
    • Connect Pico Union and MarArthur Park with DTLA bike lanes, safer and less harsh pedestrian connections
  • Vision Zero LA – A vision for zero traffic fatalities
    • Existing street safety plans for North Figueroa Street
    • Develop safe street plans for all our major commercial corridors to eliminate traffic deaths
    • Implement Metro’s “Making the Connections” plan at Avenue 26 and Humboldt
    • Safe walking, mobility impaired, and bicycling access to parks, schools, commercial districts

Strong Neighborhoods

Strong Neighborhoods” means revitalizing our communities from the inside out, fighting for equitable solutions, and protecting the most vulnerable. Joe will work with advisory boards, prosecutors,  LAPD, and local nonprofits to ensure that our communities work for everyone. Here are some of the issues that Joe will fight for:

  • Tuition assistance
    • City-subsidized tuition for any community college or vocational school student in Los Angeles with a GPA of 3.8 or higher
  • Good Government
    • Transparent and responsive city government and constituent services
  • Homelessness
    • Establish a baseline quality of life using existing city facilities and resources
    • Access to clean, safe, extended hours bathrooms and showers for all residents
    • Collaborate with city, county, non-profit, and faith-based organizations
  • Housing
    • Assist property owners of empty lots along major boulevards to build at the scale and use of neighboring property;
    • Citywide land use reform on: transit-oriented Accessory Dwelling Units, Rent Stabilization Ordinance reform and protection, increased construction of subsidized housing, implement value capture for discretionary up-zoning.
    • Close the equity gap between well-financed real estate speculators and community land trusts, co-ops, buying clubs, and other collective ownership mechanisms
  • Green Space and Environmental Protection
    • Protect open space, wildlife corridors, and hillsides.
      • Fight to protect the LA River.
      • Protect Elysian Park and invest in the Park’s needs.
      • A vision for the Arroyo Seco Greenway
    • Plastic Bag Ban
    • Ban on GMO’s
    • No on 710
    • LADWP – Fossil Fuel Free by 2030
  • Revitalized Community Spaces
    • Keep Southwest Museum open as a museum, for the community.
    • Work with the community and with community organizations to realize shared goals such as community gardens, local parks, and other street facing projects.